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Our full-service and comprehensive online marketing system includes all aspects required for a successful online presence – READ: Maximum ROI for your business!

Proven strategies and effective methods are what make us the Top Online Marketing Agency.

One tactic here, another one there - will never produce the results you're looking for. A truly comprehensive approach – getting all the pieces to work together – is what will make you succeed online.


You need a Marketing System Engineered in Advance

When it comes to effective internet marketing for your outdoor kitchen, hardscaping, or outdoor living industry business, there is nothing more powerful than an intentional, well thought-out marketing system – engineered in advance – to bring in high-quality, high-paying prospects month after month.

This is especially true for hardscapers and outdoor kitchen designers. These types of projects are usually relatively expensive and are long-term investments by the homeowner. As such, it’s important to understand that the customer’s buyer journey is going to be much different and longer than it would be for less expensive services such as lawn maintenance.


This Marketing System MUST match your Customer’s Buyer Journey Flawlessly

What does this mean for your business? It means that you must engineer a bullet-proof online marketing process in advance where each step in the process flawlessly matches each stage of the customer’s buyer journey – which consists of 3 pre-purchase stages and 2 post-purchase stages.

For example, the customer’s pre-purchase buyer journey typically looks like this: Awareness, Consideration, and Purchase Decision. This is true for most industries and markets. The difference, however, is how long your prospect stays in each stage and how quickly they move through each stage until they ultimately make a purchasing decision.


Your Customer MUST be Educated before they Buy

In order for your prospect to make a purchasing decision they have to first become aware of the fact that they would want an outdoor kitchen or other outdoor living project (either by themselves or with your help), and then they would have to actually consider purchasing. For them to consider purchasing, they have to be well-informed and well-educated about the project they are interested in. 

This is where your business comes in and is the most critical aspect of your online marketing efforts: they absolutely must get their information and education from you.

This information must be genuine and high quality in order to be effective. You have to think about what questions or concerns your customers will have and then answer or address them in your content.


Your Customer MUST get their Information from You

This accomplishes 3 main marketing objectives: 1) it moves your prospect along through each stage in their buyer journey, 2) it establishes your business as the expert in your customer’s mind and as a trusted authority in the outdoor living space, 3) it keeps you at the top of your customer’s mind and positions you as the obvious choice for when they are ready to buy.

These three objectives are the secret ingredients to a successful internet marketing campaign and growing your outdoor kitchen, hardscaping, or outdoor living space business.


Key Takeaway

The key takeaway is this: the overall goal of your digital marketing strategy is to help move your prospects along through the stages of their buyer journey until they are ready to buy from you. You achieve this by getting their attention through content promoted through paid ads, social media, and a SEO-optimized website, you capture their details into your marketing database, and then nurture them with educational and informative content until they are ready to buy from you. If you can get this right for your business then you will experience growth faster than ever before.

The Complete Solution

The Online Dominance Method Graphic for Outdoor Kitchen Contractors and Hardscapers.

In order to deliver the highest ROI possible for your business, we recommend the following services.

Results Focused on IMPACT

We don’t get paid for the activity we do; we get paid for delivering results that have a positive impact for your business. This means that if you’re not getting more calls and more sales as a direct result of our system (and at a profit), we haven’t earned our money. 

We track and measure this impact through the following systems:

  • Tracking calls and form submissions from your website
  • Analytics tracking visits and traffic to your website from paid and organic sources
  • Tracking and analyzing your business and competitors search engine rankings 
  • Monitoring how visitors engage with your website to improve conversions

Is your business ready to go to the next level with our Digital Dominance Program?

This is it. You have found the company that understands what it takes to finally take your business to the next level. We do not focus on activity; we focus on results. We do not offer piecemeal work and hope for the best; we offer a truly comprehensive solution that works and provides you with the best return on investment possible. 

This is possible because every component in our marketing strategy works together to achieve Synergy – a system that is greater than the sum of its parts. It is a synergistic marketing system like this that is the difference between where your business is today and where you want it to be tomorrow. 

If you feel like your business could be a good fit, or you want to know a little more about how our system can help your company specifically, give us a call at (877) 834-2014 and ask about a complimentary Leadflow Acceleration Session ($588 value) where we’ll discuss your business, your goals, and how we can help you achieve them.

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